​As a culture, we have had little space to process and grieve the relentless onslaught of violence upon us. This is where filmmakers can lead. Our speciality is in creating art that gives people a chance to exhale, witness, and even experience joy and togetherness—the most priceless, life-affirming rarities in this time and age.


Kristy Choi is an award-winning filmmaker based in the unceded land of the Kizh, Tongva, and Chumash peoples (Los Angeles). Her work reimagines narratives of diaspora and environment by centering the complex ways women of color think, feel, and move.  Kristy works seamlessly across both documentary and fiction formats—and everything in between. 


HERSELVES, Kristy's hybrid short film, was released by The New Yorker Documentary and is free to stream worldwide.


Kristy is currently in production on her next documentary project and in development on her first narrative feature.

To get in touch, please email choi.h.kristy@gmail.com

(Photo by Wenting Deng Fisher)